Anxiety of Infuence
Doctorate Dissertation
Brown University
Microcontroller programming
Max 7 / Jitter
OpenGl Shaders
First performed:
Granoff Center, Providence, Rhode Island USA
Sept 5 2006

Anxiety of Influence is a work utilizing a custom-built body-mounted wireless sensor suit, developed by myself. 32 separate sensor streams are manipulated to provide real-time live multi-channel sound and real-time HD OpenGL graphics.

The dancer’s movements produce real-time graphics and sound via the suit. The main concept of the work concerns the transient and unstable relationship of artists with their influences. The piece attempts to perceive through a critical eye the way influence filters into and modifies personal style and aesthetic gesture. Through interdisciplinary practice, the artist researches, develops, and refines personal approaches to provide flow in the creative process. This process of refining is also directly correlated to our perception of ourselves in relation to the world around us.