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Anxiety of Influence is a custom-built body-mounted wireless sensor suit, developed by the author, that functions as a second skin, being transparent and unobtrusive to the performer’s body. 32 separate sensor streams are manipulated to provide real-time live multi-channel sound and real-time HD OpenGL graphics.

Anxiety of Influence is an interactive work for dance, triple-channel projection, and 5.1-surround sound that utilizes a self-designed wireless sensor suit mounted on a dancer. The dancer’s movements produce real-time graphics and sound via the suit. The main concept of the work concerns the transient and unstable relationship of artists with their influences. The piece attempts to perceive through a critical eye the way influence filters into and modifies personal style and aesthetic gesture. Through interdisciplinary practice, the artist researches, develops, and refines personal approaches to provide flow in the creative process. This process of refining is also directly correlated to our perception of ourselves in relation to the world around us. And by intentionally observing this relationship, it could be possible to facilitate unexpected turns, instigating interesting creative results.

It is easy to become lost in the milieu of great artistic achievements from the past dozen or so centuries. How can one go forward as a unique artist under such all-encompassing influences? And how do artists define who they are, in this century, through their art? Anxiety of Influence is about searching for an individual essence, where the human body determines the act of artistic composition, as it is impregnated with technology. Anxiety of Influence is simultaneously an internal journey and one mediated by space and screen in performance.

This internal journey reveals some interesting repercussions, in light of the artist and the work he/she attempts to create. The concept of a successful realization becomes a newly defined and concrete tool for the mediated body. The concept of a failed realization prompts further questions for the artist. What does failure and hiatus mean to the contemporary artist in this mediated state? In a way, failure is a road, or pathway: a transformative process of realizing an individual, unique essence. Perhaps failure, in the long run, can be more useful a tool?

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Footage and documentation to come…

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