• PERFORMED /August 04 2007, May 11 2008, August 20 2015
  • GENRE /Experimental Electronica, Improvisation
  • LABEL /Synapse Records
  • FORMAT /Digital / CD / 5.1 Audio
Live Looping Laptop Improvisation

We live in an age that revolves around the computer keyboard: it is the foremost method of correspondence connecting people locally and all around the globe. As I sit here tapping away on my own keyboard writing this, I immediately (not for the first time) become aware of the sound produced by my typing. These clicks permeate a multitude of rhythmic sources (depending of how fluent I type each single word) and from these sources, a network of grouping can be witnessed- if you listen closely……

Neophilia is concerned with these key tappings and how they can be manipulated in a kind of live synthetic improvisation.

Used as a background layer, a constant stream of looped samples perpetuates a constantly shifting rhythmical impetus; each shifting seamlessly onto the next. This, in the past, I have called Rhythmic mutation; whereby a sound-source (rhythmic in content) gradually mutates into another sound-source with a contrasting rhythmic groove. The progression of these grooves and how they merge, distort and mutate together to produce a soundscape evolving through its constituent parts, takes the form of a background layer. Over this layer, the operator interacts with these samples in a synthetic dialogue via two methods; firstly, certain keyboard keys trigger further moments of sonic manipulations. Secondly, the actual tapped sounds of these keys are recorded and played back via a multitude of filtered delay lines. The effect is a constant variety of “clicking” sounds that have their own evolving rhythmic impetus.

The effect in total suggests one of spiraling inward through a labyrinth of sound gestures and keyclicks constantly evolving through its constituent parts.

To explain the title is to open a flood gate of aesthetical ideas that also triggered this work’s conception. Discordian neo-pagan electronicism, hacker tropisms for science-fiction and pro-technology ecology are the ambiguous phrases instigating a mass of sub-cultures all spiraling (again) through the keyboard……