Teaching Mission

I have a passion for teaching. This journey for me focuses on fostering rich collaborations with students, artists, and scientists.

Early teaching

During my time at university, I was employed at two primary schools and two high schools to teach private instrumental lessons to students one-on-one. Eventually, I ended up teaching students ranging in ages from ten through to forty, the saxophone, clarinet, flute and piano.

My conducting experiences ranged from directing chamber works of my own writing, to choral works and included positions such as rehearsal conductor for Britten’s opera, A Midsummer’s Night Dream. This opera is a difficult score and the singers at the time were new to it and needed much help in mastering their parts, before the conductor was flown in a week before opening night. I also conducted for three plays I wrote music for (chamber orchestra) working with the theater department and the university chamber orchestra. My teaching of primary and high school students lasted for the four-year duration of my Bachelors degree. Half way through this period I was also employed at one of these schools as band conductor for the school band.

During my years at Indiana University, I also was employed as a technology consultant and Technical Assistant for the music department labs. Tasks in both these capacities entailed maintaining mac and windows labs, software updates, upkeep of MIDI keyboards, the production of software and introductory programming tutorials for student use, and general student assistance with any problems. I also provided software support for the following programs; the Creative Suite, Processing, Reason, Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Autodesk Maya.


  • Teaching Assistant, Studio as Compositional Tool
    • Brown University
  • Teaching Assistant, Digital Performance
    • Brown University
  • Teaching Assistant, Real-Time Systems Teaching Assistant, Computer Music
    • Brown University
  • Teaching Assistant, Computer Music
    • Indiana University, CECM
  • Lecturer in Theory 1
    • Edith Cowan University
  • Lecturer Harmony 1
    • Edith Cowan University